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  • Auto Trader Reviews

    • Maureen W

      A 5-star rating for me

      The VW Golf is performing well, and I'm enjoying driving it. It's a fine experience, and I'm really starting to like being behind the wheel – it's a lovely feeling. I'm getting the hang of it now. The customer service was great – not too overwhelming, and the staff were really lovely and friendly. I'd definitely give them a 5-star rating. I would use their services again and wholeheartedly recommend them to others.

    • Christian C

      Very satisfied

      I absolutely love the BMW 530GT – it's a joy to drive. The car is clean and tidy, which I appreciate. The customer service was welcoming and they did enough to ensure my satisfaction – their service was truly great. Overall, I'd rate my experience a 4.8 out of 5.

    • Brandon B

      Running so smoothly

      Everything's running smoothly, and I'm happy with how things were handled. It's been all great, and I appreciate it. The staff were super helpful and friendly – really personable and approachable. The advice given during the purchasing process was really valuable. A definite 5 stars – I'd use their services again and highly recommend them.

    • Niki B

      Very welcoming

      I went to have a look at the Nissan Juke as the photos looked good when I arrived there, I saw the car, omg, I could not believe how fantastic it looked, much better than I thought! The salesperson who looked after me was welcoming, and his knowledge was incredible, I had to pinch myself at one point to make sure I was not dreaming about how good the car looked and how welcoming and helpful the guy I was that I was talking to. A great first and last impression for me. Would I use them in the future, hell yeah!

    • Mr S

      Genuine Dealership

      Just purchased a beautiful Jeep from M H Car Sales in Woodstock, the sales team was very welcoming and friendly team. The Jeep was clean & exactly how described, the test drive was relaxed but still professional. genuinely a good buying experience. Thanks guys!

    • Fabian R

      My first time using a dealer

      I have never purchased a car from a dealer before I have always done this privately, the whole experience for me was much better than I expected it to be. Everything went really smoothly from the moment I walked into M H Car Sales to driving away in my Alpina, I would buy from here again and recommend them to to others.

    • Richard B

      Lovely job

      All appears well. Mark and Richard were both great. Richard was the guy who valeted the car and was our first initial point of contact and Mark is the man who runs the dealership- both amazing guys who are truly good at their job. We are very impressed and my father loves the car a lot!

    • Timothy M

      Loving the new car

      I really liked that the sale was made quick and easy by the staff down at the dealership. There was no trouble nor any issues and I would use it again and recommend to anyone who needs a new car. The Mercedes that I purchased is driving beautifully and I can't fault it. I love the new car.

    • Mrs J


      All is driving perfectly with the Clio from what we have driven of it, we haven't been out in it much but it really is brilliant and my daughter loves it. I was most pleased with the customer service, 10/10 for that!! Super helpful and super friendly! I would use it again and recommend it to anyone.

    • Leda P

      Very professional

      Very pleased with the car I purchased from M H Car Sales in Oxford, I would highly recommend it. The staff were really professional, reassuring, and seemed to know exactly what I wanted without being pushy.

    • Karen O

      Highly satisfied!

      I came to MH Car sales to purchase my BMW X2, and the guys down there were marvelous with me! So kind, so helpful and ever so friendly. All of my questions were answered. The sales advisor that was dealing with me really went out of their way to accommodate me purchasing the car, they couldn't have done more for me! The BMW was presented beautifully and it was super clean! Highly satisfied with my experience down at MH Car Sales!

    • Ian R

      Been a pleasure!

      I purchased a very reliable Honda CR-V from this dealership, the car was delivered and the car for 1 looked immaculate but the delivery guy was hands down amazing. He was professional, well-spoken, and well-presented. He was also very efficient and answered any questions I had. I would suggest anyone buy a car from MH Car Sales if they were in the area. What made me go for the Honda CR-V was when I saw the vehicle in such great condition to start with and whilst having the discussion, it felt right, it was the right sort of money, and there was no haggling or any of the sort, it just fit the bill and was a smooth transaction. I am very pleased with my overall experience and I am very much enjoying the car. Thank you MH Car Sales, it's been a pleasure!

    • Canary L

      Handled so efficiently

      I purchased a Nissan Navara from MH Car Sales for my other half and he is made up with the car. There have been no issues whatsoever, we both agree it is a lovely car to drive. The buying process was superb, and the gentlemen who work here are absolutely brilliant. Everything was handled so efficiently and everything that needed to be done was. I had no reason to chase things up. Once the sale was complete we parted ways and I have no reason to contact the dealership since.

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